Tuesday, July 6, 2010


=)...Hi...!!!i did say that i will introduced myself in my last post...soo..here we go.. =)
my name:Nur Hazierah
my korean name:Park Hee Ra
birthday:8 MARCH 1997(13 years old)
i like playing piano...but im still in piano lesson..because its so beautiful when i heard it.. =)..my fav colour..SAPPHIRE BLUE PEARL,black n purple
i like sports.. =)
..IM ONE OF ELF.. =)..i really LOVE SUPER JUNIOR.. <3<3>EUNHAE.. <3<3
all SJ songs i love it..i cant pick.. <3<3
soo..i already introduce myself..any question just post a comment..i will try to answer it.. =)
hmm...to ELF or non ELF or dont like SJ or dont like K-POP..its okey...u still can be my friend.. =)..i came in peace..heheh..PEACE NO WAR..hope we can be friends.. =)

10:08 am
7 JULY 2010

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