Wednesday, July 7, 2010

lucky or unlucky????????,so many things happend to me...maybe today is my unlucky day...
7:30=got activities at school more like competition...huhuhu...sooo tired!!
1:05=school start... i almost fall from my chair because of my lucky friend...good thing i didnt guess its a rainy day...i want to closed the door but i end up blow by wind..heheh..
i was at the window..because want to get the 'free aircond'(wind)..then i saw a boy changing his cloth in front of me but far..its opposit from me..i can see it clearly good thing is the upper body n its from the back...huh!!i was closing my eyes for about 5 min like that...huhuhu..T.T..
4:55 pm:still at school..its ENGLISH SUBJECT..we're reading n the teacher was explaining..i was looking down n suddenly i went to sleep...hahaha...good thing the teacher didnt noticed..then it GEOGRAFI SUBJECT..i almost sleep again...hahahah..the teacher also didnt noticed..hahaha...i dunno why im sooo tired today.. :((..but after ended school..i become fresh again.. :))..hahaha...hehehe..sori if its a bit boring..SORRY*bow 30 times*

7 JULY 2010

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